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Space Hulk: Death Angel

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Fiche créée le 03-11-2018

Players choose from six different combat teams each consisting of two Space Marines with different abilities. Each player receives three Action cards for each of his combat teams. After all of the Space Marines have fallen into formation prepare for the first wave of Genestealers! Action resolution keeps all players involved while the overwhelming odds inspire them to work together to survive. The Action Resolution Phase consists of each player revealing and carrying out their chosen Action. The lowest number card goes first which means Attacks are resolved after Supports. Support tokens enable Space Marines to reroll so make sure to cover your fellow Blood Angels! The Genestealer Attack Phase happens after all the Actions have been resolved so hopefully you thinned out the swarms since you have to roll higher than the number of Genestealers in the swarm to successfully defend. Finally an Event card is drawn to spawn more alien adversaries. Once all the Genestealers have emerged from the darkness its time to move forward drawing a new location card. And then it's back into the fight!

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